Inside Climate News: Flush With the Promise of Tax Credits, Clean Energy Projects Are Booming in Texas

Aug. 16 —In the year since the Inflation Reduction Act became law, private investment in wind power, battery storage and other renewable energy ventures has significantly expanded. Analysts suggest that the act’s 10-year tax incentives are seeding confidence in the sector’s stability.

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Texas Tribune: For Texans, fighting state-regulated oilfield waste dumps can be a costly, do-it-yourself effort

Aug. 15 — Some Texans who challenge oil and gas waste sites must spend significant sums and time on investigating what they say the Texas Railroad Commission should examine. Will new regulations for handling waste increase oversight or just maintain the status quo?

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Texas Tribune: Texas’ environmental agency enables companies to increase oilfield wastewater disposal in rivers

Aug. 17 — When a team of researchers at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi combed through Railroad Commission records several years ago, they found more than 50 permits allowing conventional oil and gas drillers to discharge oil field wastewater, known as produced water, into creeks and streams near the Eagle Ford shale basin in South Texas.

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Odessa-American: Railroad Commissioner pens letter opposing offshore wind farms

Aug. 16 — Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian sent a letter to Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham voicing his opposition to the installation of offshore wind farms in the Gulf of Mexico after the Biden Administration announced plans to auction off more than 300,000 acres for offshore wind energy.

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Reuters: Texas power use hits record for second straight day as heat wave lingers

Aug. 1 — Demand for power in Texas hit a record high on Tuesday for the second day in a row and the seventh time this summer as homes and business kept air conditioners cranked up to escape a lingering heat wave,

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Plainview Herald: US gov. looking for malware that could target Texas power grid

Aug. 1 — The U.S. government is currently searching for malicious software code it believes Chinese hackers planted in American computer systems that control utilities and communications across the country.

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NBC DFW:  Blistering Texas sun is also part of producing the state’s energy

July 31 —bTexas has built up its solar power capacity over the past few decades. At times on Monday, it produced around 15 percent of the state’s energy

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