KUT: Local power outages are happening, but a statewide grid emergency is unlikely

Feb. 1 — If your power does go out in the freeze, whether the cause is grid-wide or local may not be of immediate concern. About 271,000 customers across the state were without power around 10 AM Wednesday, according to PowerOutage.us. 140,000 of those customer accounts, which often represent households of more than one person, were in Austin.

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Midland Reporter-Telegram: Gas supplies flow through second day of Winter Storm Mara

Jan. 31 —  According to the Railroad commission, all facets of the gas supply chain – production, pipeline transportation and underground gas storage – are reporting no major issues.

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CBS DFW: Oncor says they’re prepared for possible power outages

Jan. 31 — spokesperson for Oncor said the storm has gone about how they expected – with few outages to start the day and more as each hour progressed.

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VOX: Clean energy is taking over the Texas grid. State officials are trying to stop it.

Jan. 31 — Wind and solar are rapidly growing, but Texas Republicans want to throw a lifeline to natural gas.

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