Natural gas line explosions have killed nine people in north and central Texas since 2006 and destroyed more than two dozen homes. The latest major accident, a Feb. 23 explosion in North Dallas, killed a 12-year-old girl. These tragedies have renewed the public’s interest in gas safety issues — especially as they pertain to the Mid-Tex Division of Atmos Energy, the North Texas gas utility.

The Atmos Cities Steering Committee has created a one-page fact sheet summarizing recent developments relating to gas safety on the Atmos system. You can find the info card at thisĀ link.

The ACSC also has created a second info card that includes useful gas safety tips for consumers. Free and available for download, the fact sheet can be found at thisĀ link.

And both info cards also are available on this website’s report page. That page also includes reports about the state’s controversial Gas Reliability Infrastructure Program, and the Texas Railroad Commission. The ACSC Report Page can be found here.