New report details the history of the Atmos Cities Steering Committee.

Under Texas law, city governments and the Texas Railroad Commission share regulatory authority over gas utilities. Cities typically band together in coalitions to exercise their portion of this shared authority. 

ACSC General Counsel Geoffrey Gay has authored a new report on the history of the Atmos Cities Steering Committee.

When it comes to gas utility matters, the largest and most significant of the state’s municipal coalitions is the Atmos Cities Steering Committee. Comprised of more than 150 cites in north and central Texas, the ACSC has spent decades protecting ratepayer interests in complex and far-reaching regulatory proceedings.

The coalition’s general counsel, Geoffrey M. Gay,  recently drafted a detailed history of the ACSC. In it, he  traces the coalition’s activities and accomplishments since its inception, outlines events just prior to the ACSC formation and describes its participation in major rate cases and at the Texas Legislature. 

This new timeline document is set forth in a detailed chronological fashion, with descriptions of rate cases, separate ratemaking procedures (such as the Gas Reliability Infrastructure Program) and other important regulatory concepts. We now have posted the document on the ACSC website.

You can read an online version here, or download a pdf version at this link. To find out more about gas utility regulation in Texas, go to the ACSC reports page, found here.